Unlock the Power of Ideas, Monetize Brilliance, and Secure Your IP Triumph

About Nic Murdoch

Nic Murdoch isn’t just a lawyer and an attorney; she’s a legal virtuoso with a passion for turning ideas into legendary success stories. Armed with a Juris Doctor (First Class Honors), training as a Patent Agent, a Masters of Industrial Property, and a background in Electrical Engineering, Nic is a trailblazer in the world of Intellectual Property law. Recognized as a Recommended Lawyer in the Doyles Guide for multiple years, her accolades and honors underscore her commitment to excellence.

Keynote Topics

“From Concept to Goldmine: Navigating The P.I.T.C.H.”
Explore the strategic framework that transcends traditional approaches, turning inventive ideas into unprecedented wealth. Nicole Murdoch shares insights on IP protection and monetization that revolutionize the journey from inception to financial triumph.

“Legal Alchemy: Transforming Intellectual Property into Business Success”
Join Nicole as she demystifies the legal intricacies of IP, revealing a roadmap that doesn’t just safeguard ideas but transmutes them into undeniable business success. Learn how to leverage the law to propel your innovations into a league of their own.

“Innovation Unleashed: Strategies for IP Protection in a Dynamic World”In an era of rapid innovation, protecting your intellectual property is paramount. Nicole delves into cutting-edge strategies, offering invaluable insights to safeguard your brilliance in a swiftly evolving landscape.



Engaging Delivery

Nic's presentations are not just informative; they're a journey. Her dynamic speaking style captivates audiences, making legal complexities accessible and intriguing.

Real-World Relevance

With a decade in the IT industry before law, Nic brings practical insights to the legal arena. Her ability to bridge the gap between theory and reality makes her a standout speaker.

Interactive Learning

Don't expect a boring lecture. Nic fosters an interactive environment, encouraging dialogue and ensuring that attendees leave not just informed but inspired to act.

Tailored Presentations

Nic customizes her talks to meet the unique needs of your audience, whether they're legal professionals seeking cutting-edge insights or creators navigating the IP landscape.

Known as a rainmaker for savvy entrepreneurs with brilliant ideasNic’s commitment to demystifying Intellectual Property law and empowering individuals and businesses to navigate the P.I.T.C.H. is unparalleled. Elevate your event with a speaker who doesn’t just inform; she transforms ideas into actionable brilliance. Contact Nicole Murdoch: Email: Nic @ getrichfromthepitch.com